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Keratin Complex Sparkle + Shine
Keratin Complex Sparkle + Shine Highlighting Powder - Gold, Copper or Bronze Add sparkle to your style with Keratin Complex Sparkle + Shine Keratin Highlighting Powder, a no-fuss, no-mess powder that takes your hair from dull to "wow" in seconds. Simply brush this shimmering powder wherever highlights or shine are desired, and build color as needed. It is also the perfect touch-up tool between salon visits to cover roots or boost dull color. Available in 3 colors: Directions: Use on dry hair only. Remove brush from lid and shake a small amount of product into the lid. For chunky application, section a small piece of hair and lightly brush the powder on the hair until desired color and depth is achieved. Repeat throughout the hair where highlights are desired. For overall highlights, start at the root and sweep the brush across the length of the hair. To set color, spray with your favorite hair spray. This color is temporary and will wash out with shampoo.


Three colors. Gold,Copper or Bronze ITEM B104